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HEMISPHERICAL PROJECTION METHODS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. FUNDAMENTALS 2.1 Equal Angle Projection of a Line 2.2 Equal Angle Projection of a Cone 2.3 Equal Area Projection of a Line 2.4 Equal Angle Projection of a Plane 2.5 Equal Area Projection of a Plane 3. POLAR PROJECTIONS AND POLAR NETS 4. EQUATORIAL PROJECTIONS AND EQUATORIAL NETS 5. EXAMPLES.

Postnatal treatments. Lambs were weaned at 8 wk of age, and thereafter maintained outdoors with access to water ad libitum and a diet of alfalfa hay and commercial alfalfa pellets (Shur-Gain, Elma, NY) supplemented by vitamins and minerals. To standardize the hormonal milieu, females and T plus flutamide males were gonadectomized at 3–4 wk of age under ketamine (20 mg/kg, im) and xylazine.

The results of Malaysia's eleventh general election held in March 2004 proved to be a resounding success for the Abdullah Badawi administration. Nevertheless, the politics surrounding the election witnessed the surfacing of several issues that would continue to pose a significant challenge to the new administration.

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